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Olympus topfood

The values of our land, fresh
& special chosen for your table

Amongst the foothills of mountain Olympus, on a blessed place, we have built a fully equipped conversation facility for fruits and vegetables.

On a plot of 50.000 square meters we created approximately 19.000 sq.m. of closed systems, with autonomous 64 cold stores, a capacity of 10.000 tons, 2 modern lines of sorting-packaging with a total of more than 300 tones per day.

In these facilities we preserve the values of the Greek land and we deliver them fresh, anywhere in the world.


We are a young, dynamic and ambitious import-export trading company of selected fruits and vegetables.

We have certified audit to ensure the quality, size and organoleptic characteristics of fruits and vegetables produced in Greece.

The temperature and atmosphere of our refrigeration chambers are controlled by state of the art, automated electronic systems.

Furthermore our professional staff takes care of sorting and the optimal conditions of storeage and maintenance.

Try our products. Enjoy the values of Greek land that come from our trusted facilities!


Head Office: Athens
Branch: 8 klm P.E.O. Katerini-Thessaloniki, 60062, Greece

T. +30.2351041111       F. +30.2351041116